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Contraception for my daughter

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Hi does anyone have any advice about what contraception might be best for my daughter? She's 15, it would be her first time using contraception, and I want something reliable but that won't give her bad side effects. I want to book an appointment next week. Thanks all x

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This question is a bit tough for anyone but you to answer purely because of the fact you know your daughter better than anyone else.

My initial thought is as this will be the 1st time she'll be introduced to contraception & the fact she's 15 yrs old it might be best to start with something like the mini pill as to my knowledge the mini pill doesn't effect the hormones too much.


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Thanks Abenaa! I'm so mixed up about it all! I like the sound of the pill but I worry about her forgetting to take it. But I think it's the best first time thing to take. Hmmm. Very tricky. It's such a big decision, I don't want to lead her in the wring direction. X

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I understand your fear definitely!

Im a 33 yr old woman now and I,d honestly forget to take the pill on some days.

its a very very tricky decision indeed.

Im dreading the day when my daughter becomes a teenager with those ranging sexual hormones. Haha.


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This reply may be to late but I'd recommend evra. It's a contraceptive patch that you replace once a week. I used it for years. My only recommendation is don't put it anywhere visible as the edges can look dirty (_like a plaster)

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Before using evra I was on microgynon which I wouldn't always remember. Also some pills need to be taken at the same time every day or it will affect their level of protection

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Manxmarie78 I am 21 but my parents were never very good about talking about this kind of thing and my mum has never used any hormonal contraception so only aware of what I was taught in high school .What method would be the easiest to hide from them as I have had a condom split three times in a year.

Perhaps this one's a bit late, but here goes. I'd say that something like the IUS or Copper IUD means your parents wont ever know, and it's long term (three to five years). The injection as well you would be okay for, which I believe is once a month, although it'll obviously leave a mark. A friend of mine had the implant and she wanted to hide it from her parents, but they spotted the lump in her arm so maybe that one isn't full proof. You could always take your contraception pill when you're at work/college/uni/in private and keep the pills in your purse. A friend could keep them for you if you don't want to store them at home. Whatever the option research is very important, but don't be scared of women's personal accounts as the worst stories tend to be in the minority.

One last note, the morning after pill (at least where I am) is availible at many pharmacies. It's so handy when you have a mishap which so often happens. I've had to take it many times!

Lastly here's a quiz you can take which helps you weigh up your options:

Good Luck!

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I know this was posted 5 years ago..but whats wrong with parents nowadays supporting their teens to have intercourse, especially at 15 far to young..Parents need to teach their kids to respect themselves and not to give themselves away to anyone especially at that age but to wait until they are a mature adult for their soul mate for life. It all starts from home parental education and example. I was a virgin until I married at 24, glad I respected myself, my parents taught me right

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The problem is that studies have shown that if you don't make contraception available for teens they are actually more likely to have sex, and have unwanted pregnancies. I see where you are coming from but unfortunately this is the case. As well as this many families may feel having sex before marriage is ok, if that is what the person wants. I totally support your choice to wait till marriage, but many people don't want to do that which is ok. You should be able to do whatever you choose to do with your body, as it is your body. I personally don't feel that this means anyone is loosing self respect, but rather people are choosing to do what they want to do to make them happy. If wating till marriage makes you happy I'm all for it go ahead, but everyone is diffrent. My parents kept contraceptives away from me, but I still had sex and nearly contracted an STI because of it, if it wasn't for the confidential sexual health clinic I would not have known what to do. I don't know what I would have done if I didn't know about it; and I dread to think what kids who do not know that they can get contraceptives by themselves do, it is so dangerous. It would have been much easier and safer if contreceptives had been easily available to me, through my parents. This is why I am going to make contreceptives available to my children. I understand what you are saying totally, but studies go against what you are saying unfortunately.

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Alphabetg65 in reply to America777

If kids want sex they’ll have sex, so might aswell protect them and support them rather than them going and doing it rogue and raw and ending up, up the duff🤷🏼‍♀️

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Hi I've been on the progestogen only pill for 7 months and it's amazing I can't take the combined pill due to migraines but this pill works amazingly. It protects you with or without a condom it does mess with your periods but in my opinion my periods have stopped and are much lighter when I do take them. I would recommend the progestogen only pill for anyone who's only starting to use contraception

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Have you had any side effects with progesterone only? I’m considering going on contraception and (Pop) is looking to be the best option for me but I’m so nervous of potential side effects. Also when’s the best time to take it to prevent pregnancy? Thank you

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I’ve been on it for about 2 years. It’s great for preventing pregnancy, however, I have become slightly more depressed/ have slightly worse anxiety. Also, my periods have become very frequent which I’m not sure is because of the pill so I’ll be seeing a doctor about it. It works differently for different people though, my friend had no symptoms at all. You’ll just have to see what’s best for you, it’s okay to trial a few out.

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