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Is it normal for you not to come on you period the first month after the 3 years of beening on Impant?

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Hey guys just a quick one, been on the Impant now for 3 years. Been told by clinic that I cant have it taken out till 9 months after the 3 years as I with still be protected. With this added I'm also on the combine pill which helped with my periods that didn't stop for 6 months to a year. I'm still taken the pill of course, is it normal for you periods to be irregular afor the first couple of months as this is the first month and haven't come on my period but my periods where irregular before due to conreption. Have all the symptoms for a period like tender hips and boobs mood swings but nothing as of yet

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I am sorry I am confused. You still have the implant in place ? or not ? and you are taking the combined pill also ?

Yes and yes

Ok. When you say " the clinic " do you mean a GP run service , or a reproductive health unit ? Because you should now be able to have your implant removed now that covid restrictions have improved. the 9 months after the 3 years was during the height of covid, so that women wouldnt have to worry about falling pregnant if their implant had "officially " expired.

The combined pill is meant to be used for short term bleeding control when an implant is inserted, or perhaps just prior to removal. Its not a long term bleeding solution.

You should think about what you would like to do after the implant is removed - continue just on the pill , or consider something else like the Depo or IUD / IUS

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