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No period on POP pill (cerazette)

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Is it normal not to have a period on pop pill?? Or could I be pregnant, I take the pill religiously every morning at 6.30 without fail. I have taken pregnancy test and it’s negative but now I’m over a week late is this normal???

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Hi, I never had a period on cerazette and was on it for about 5 years, I would say it's normal for that pill. Hope that helps x

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DDolly in reply to LauraJ85

Thank you

The POP, or minipill, absolutely can cause you not to have a period. Especially if you're good at taking it on time, which it sounds like you are. In fact, many people go on POP because it can stop your period. As someone who has endometriosis, when it stopped my periods for the length of time I was on it, it was a blessing.

The fact that you don't know this is a failure on your prescriber's part as they should have told you this can happen so that you weren't worried when/if it did happen. Also the fact you are good at taking it on time means the likelihood of you being pregnant is very small.

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