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I got chlamydia and the implant the same day (7th July) I got treated for chlamydia a month ago (12-19th July) symptoms went away and it was all good until I got my period. My vagina was in a lot of pain burning while peeing and the clit was also in a lot of pain. I went to a sexual health clinic they did a pelvic exam everything was fine And told me to do another test on the 16th august. Then I started bleeding but it was brown and I just thought it was the implant. But the pain came back but more intense especially in the clit. I went to see my boyfriend ( he also was treated same week as me for chlamydia) and we had sex. I bled after wards and I knew something wasn’t right even thou I’ve been to the doctors. I did my chlamydia test again and the swab was completely brown and it hurt a lot. I’m waiting on the result but the pain hurts so much to sleep or sit or even wear pants. I know something is wrong and just want some answers. Do I wait for the results or contact the sexual health clinic again. I don’t have my doctors close to me as temporarily living with parents so cannot get to them. It’s been more than a month of pain and I just don’t know if it’s the implant or chlamydia or worse PID.

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Chlamydia does not usually cause any discomfort in the skin - if you are having clitoral sensitivity /pain then you need a careful examination of the skin , and possibly repeat vaginal tests in a clinic . Unscheduled bleeding is a common side effect of the implant and usually settles within 3 months. PID causes pelvic pain ( inside your pelvis ) so your symptoms dont fit with that .

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