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Chlamydia and oral sex

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I’m on chlamydia tablets and I just had oral sex. I gave a boy a blowjob 2 times. Will this effect my course of chlamydia? I think he has chlamydia aswelll but not on treatment. But I am on treatment

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Ok you would have been advised to refrain from sexual contact while on chlamydia treatment. However the chance of you having chlamydia in your throat is low.

If you think he has chlamydia ( if you had sex with him before ) he should be testing and receiving treatment , as a contact.

Your treatment should not be affected by the oral sex - however if he is not treated, you leave yourself open to possible re-infection.

Thank you!

you are welcome

Chlamydia mainly through direct sexual contact infection, invasion of urethra and genitalia. The possibility of Chlamydia infection in oral sex is relatively low.

In general, doctors will recommend banning sexual behavior during Chlamydia treatment. It will be better for you to have sex after you are cure. If Chlamydia comes back after antibiotics, seek herbal therapies are also helpful, like fuyan pill or diuretic and anti-inflmamatory pill. If your boyfriend also has chlamydia, he should receive treatment together. Otherwise, even if you are cured, there will be cross infection when you have sex.

The usual treatment for Chlamydia is four tablets taken at one time, however, there are medical reasons why you may need another form of treatment. Either way, the treatment is for the first positive test for Chlamydia you would have received. Any other risk of Chlamydia after that, you will need new treatment for. It is just that I read your post, as if you thought because you were on/had already received treatment you were fine to have unprotected sex (orally/vaginal/anal) and not be at risk of Chlamydia (or other STIs) during your treatment period. This is not the case. So go back to your sexual health centre/GP - you can get a throat swab so they can test for Chlamydia of your throat, that way you will know and take treatment again if necessary. If a boy refuses to get tested or take treatment before his sexual wants, get him to use a condom - it is your protection too.

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