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Implant removed over a month ago and still no period?


I had the contraceptive implant fitted when I was 17 and had it in for two and a half years. It was removed last month, on the 3rd Feb. So it has now been over a month. When I had the implant, I had frequent periods, usually every other week for the whole 2.5 years. Since having it removed, I have not had any bleeding at all which is very strange for me. Prior to having the implant put in I always had regular periods. I thought perhaps I may have already become pregnant since having it removed but I did a test a few days ago and it was negative. Does anyone have any advice? Most of the things I've read about this have been from people who never got their period while they had the implant and are still waiting for it to return. My situation is different in that I always had my period and now it has suddenly stopped- I can't find anything about this anywhere! Please help!

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If you are otherwise well, then not having a menses for up to 6 months as far as I recall can be classified as normal

"The recommendation to suspect secondary amenorrhoea and assess for an underlying cause if there is cessation of menstruation for 3–6 months in women with previously normal and regular menses, or for 6–12 months in women with previous oligomenorrhoea is inclusive of all the definitions." - CKS guidelines UK.

So its ok to wait, but if you have any other symptoms, weight loss etc then ou could have a chat with the GP.

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