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Condom size help


Hi can anyone give me some help on condom size help for the first time

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What advice do you need ? there are different sizes depending on the penis size, trim, regular, large or king size, and extra large. Sexual health clinics can provide these. There are also instructions in the packet on how to put one on, or you can ask at a clinic if in the UK>

Like which size condom I should use that fits my penis

Well my reply above gives some of the different condom sizes. The company websites may give information about what penis size corresponds to what condom type. Try to estimate your size in the fully erect state.

abmikey in reply to Galen70

Don’t try and make yourself feel better by using a condom that is too big as more chance of it coming off during intercourse

Galen70 in reply to abmikey

And this is why the sizing is important

The girth matters more than the length. It should give you the measurement on the back of the pack. So I get on best with 56mm condoms. I bought some 52mm condoms once, which were too tight and ruined the feel.

There's a website called "my size condoms", take a look on there. They offer many sizes, so you can measure the length and girth of your penis (I believe they explain how to do this on the website), and buy the size that is correct for you. It's a really important thing to get right, first to prevent breakage and reduce the chance of it coming off during sex, and secondly, it will feel so much better with the correct size. Well done for being so responsible, and I hope you find a condom that works well for you.

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