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Gooey discharge


I finished my period 2 days ago however, when I wipe after going to the loo, I’ve noticed a few times this weird gooey, stringy discharge (see pic). Any idea what it is??

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Dear Unicorn,

I'm assuming you're not on any hormonal contraception, as I think you're describing mid-cycle or ovulatory discharge. Its composition is similar to egg white and the mucus can be pulled out as a long thin string (spinnbarkheit, German). This change in discharge often coincides with experiencing a slight twinge in your lower abdomen, which heralds the release of an egg from one of the ovaries.



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I’m on the patch but that does sound like it

Hi i have been having exactly the same discharge and im on the copper coi, which i had put in about 6 months ago the discharge started about 1 month ago so i asked for my doctoe who fitted my coper coil to call me back she did and tild me not to worry as sometimes with the copper coil it can cause this type of dischage my peroids have always been long every 45 to 46 days thats normal for me i feel pain in my abduman one ever month and a half on one side or the other, i belieave this to be overlation, as my coil is non hormonal, then 2 weeks later. I experiancing period type pain then i then my period around day 46. Hope this helps Dani

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