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HELP Anyone!!!


At a very young Age the first sexual experience ived had is with a same Gender, its sort of young Kid being droved to malicous act by Older men its like you have no idea whats going on and curious how things were . So from the expierence i would say up to teenager my sexual experience is more on same Gender . I ved had my first sexual experiece with a girl when i was 17 and it didnt go the way it expected, i did not have any arousal and sometimes i does but it doesnt Last, this Delema continue up to my adulthood, im was really confused because i loved women my heart belongs to them but my body is not responding when it come to Sex im asking myself if i am Gay or what which if i am its not a big deal but i think not! im always Attracted to women and Had few Relationship . Fast forward now im 40 and married for 10 years no Kids yet . My problem is that every time my wife and i have our Bed time its either i came fast or its not working! There are Days that it ok but most of the Time not! I feel ashamed especially in my Wife coz we have this Problem for years. I Tried to go to Doctor taken Tablets for erection, Depression Theraphy, Consult to some Kind of deasease but theres nothing they find that wrong I even had a testosteron injection, i just wanna ask if somebody there have the same Problem that i do! Am i Gay thats why it not working Properly to women or is there something that i can do because im really getting depressed and hopeless! Sorry for the Long Text!

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Hi. Ok so do you would you say you get sexually aroused thinking about sexual activity with men. If you was to sit and think about having sex with a male are you aroused by that .. ? X

From your description you need psychosexual counselling. This is not a testosterone issue ( I presume the relevant blood tests have been checked ) and sildenafil ( Viagra ) will do nothing if the urge isn't there. Also if you have an element of premature ejaculation, there are treatments for that. If you had sex " at a very young age " " drove by older men " , was this consensual sex ? as in sex you agreed to or had forced on you ? You may need specialized counselling around this if it was forced, as it would be child abuse.

Only you can know if you are gay my friend, I’m a gay man, I know what I am attracted to, I’m not attracted to women. Maybe you are trying to conform to what society expects of you, just got to be honest with yourself


I experimented with lads when I was younger, and kind of get your query. When having sex with your wife, try thinking about men and see if that helps.

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