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Switching from Depo-Provera to Progestogen only pill


Hi, I'm new here and I need help.

Recently, I've been put on the POP as I am unable to see my nurse for my injection until this pandemic is over. What is the likelihood of getting pregnant while on the pill?

Thank you

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Dear penguinlover,

As a general rule, failure rates are lower for long acting reversible contraceptives than oral contraceptives; and higher for a woman starting any new contraception than a woman familiar with a particular method.

The figures quoted by the UK Faculty of Sexual & Reproductive Health for PERFECT adherence are:

- 0.3% failure rate for a woman starting the progesterone only pill; and

- 0.2% failure rate for a woman who is using Depo-Provera.

Bearing in mind that if you are new to the progesterone only pill, the quoted 0.3% failure rate could be significantly underestimating your risk.

Bottom line: make sure you take the pill every day and on time; get back on Depo as soon as lockdown restrictions ease.



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