So recently went to the doctors, found out I've got chlamydia. Been with my parnter for years now and I've only been with him. People I've spoke to have told me that I have only caught it cause my parnter has been cheating. could this be true? Has he cheated on me for me to get chlamydia?

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  • Does he have any symptoms?

  • not that I know of, he hasn't said anything

  • How come you got tested for it? Was it due to concerns that he was cheating or part of a routine test for another treatment? He may have had a sexual partner before you started dating. Best advise... Communicate with your partner!

  • It was part of a routine test for another treatment and no because I've had a baby a year ago and they tested me then and i never had nothing so it's been recently. I do communicate with my parnter but he just lies anyway

  • Isn't you have been checked and have birth a year ago and have been nothing but faithful. Sorry to say but your partner is a cheat there is no other way to contract it.

  • dont have sex

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