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I Stopped taking Cerelle combined pill for 10 days. If I start taking it again now will it still work as a contraceptive?

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I have been taking the cerelle combined pill for 4 weeks. I think my doctor said to stop taking it every month to allow my period to occur. So i've stopped it (for 10 days now) and i havent had my period? Nothing has happened even though i've stopped taking the pill and its been 5 weeks since ive had my last period. So.. even though i haven't taken the pill in 10 days am i okay to just start taking the pill again now as i need it as a contraceptive? If not how long should i wait? and did i do the wrong thing by stopping taking the pill?

Please help- im stressing out a little.

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If you are sure it is Cerelle (it should say desogestrel 75mcg somewhere on the box) then it isn’t the combined pill, it is the progesterone only pill.

You don’t take breaks with this type of pill and may not get periods.

If you are restarting you need to allow 48hrs for the pill to become effective. Start the next packet as soon as you finish this one and keep going with no breaks.

If you’ve had unprotected sex since stopping the pill for a week you may need to seek medical advice in case you need emergency contraception (morning after pill)

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