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Recently got herpes


Hi. About a week ago I had some burning down the stairs and a swollen lip. Which turned out to have blisters and sores on my vagina, anus and In my mouth. I had no idea what was wrong with me, i done what we are not supposed to do and googled my symptoms. It could have been a few things but as my symptoms progressed there was no doubt it was herpes. I haven’t seen a doctor yet or told anyone yet. I’m only 22 and still live at home and because I’m experiencing flu symptoms that’s what I’m convincing people I have. The pain can be very unbearable where I’m crying. And the next day I can handle it. I’ve been in bed every day for a week now. It hurts to pee but I drink alot of water to try less burning which sometimes works. Sometimes dosent. I find myself running a quick bath just so I can pee. I’m hoping it’s going to be over soon and I’ve read so much scary stories about people’s first outbreaks and mines hasn’t been as bad thank god but I’m terrified it gets worse from now Any tips and any advice or anyone going through the same as me ?

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Hey! My first outbreak was very painful too! I went in to get checked thinking it was thrush or something and then to be told it was herpes felt like my world had ended and the most annoying part was it could have been stopped as at the time I got it from oral sex and the guy had a cold sore and at the time I wasn’t educated to know that that was herpes 😩 anyway I got my outbreak when I was run down with tonsillitis! I had about 2 blisters! I would go to the clinic do just make sure it is as the doctors know more and what to do about it, I was prescribed acyclovir to get rid of my first outbreak, I then had another outbreak and went back where they prescribed me to take it regularly (about a year) I’ve recently started my break from the tablets I think from July and I’ve had 3 outbreaks since, I don’t want to go back to taking tablets everyday so I just take them if I feel an outbreak coming on. With regards to the pain, there’s different methods you can try like over the counter creams like lidocaine which helps numb it, wearing loose underwear too and diet is important! You need foods that are high in lysine such as eggs, cheese, beans and lentils. It does get better, everyone is different, it affects me more mentally than physically like I’ve come to terms with what it is, but when I have an outbreak I get down because it’s there. You’ve got to remember this is very common and to avoid any sexual activity when you have an outbreak. Don’t go looking online at every website because that’s what I did and some are used to scare you to buy into their products. This was the best site I used good luck. It does get better x

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I’m too embarrassed to phone a doctor. I haven’t been able to eat as I have blisters on my mouth and it hurts to swallow. The sores have been open and seeping fluid for a few days now so I’m hoping it’s not long before they heal. I have been in tears and it’s so hard to hide it but I keep telling myself it will be over soon and I’m very brave. And most likely the first is the worst. I’m constantly looking down there to see if it’s healing etc. I find it hard to go number 2 as my bottom covered in the sores but I manage little bits at a time but then I’m scared I pee at same time and it burns Sometimes it doesn’t depending on how much water I’ve drank but then I don’t want to drink a lot as it’s such a hassle filling a bath or basin , I’ve come to terms with what I have as I’ve researched it like mad I don’t feel my life is over etc so I guess that’s positive

You shouldn’t be embarrassed to go to the doctors at all, they’re experienced in this and they see this every day! They’re there to help and they will help you massively by giving you the anti viral medication, I strongly advise you see someone! Yes once the blisters have popped it usually takes a few days to heal, I get mine around my anus sometimes so I know how difficult it is to go to the loo! If you go to the doctors and they give you the medication, it’ll help heal them much quicker!

Ashleigh1996 in reply to Kt_5991

Thank you so much for the advice. If my blisters haven’t healed by Monday I will phone the doctor as it’s now the weekend. I feel like some of them are getting hard but then they just burst fluid out again. Another thing that I’ve had to endure is a lot of discharge it was a lot the first few days but it’s calmed down now but it still makes all my blisters sticky so I’m constantly wiping with wipes as I fear they won’t hear us constantly covered in discharge. I have a lot of them on my anus. It’s very painful but I think myself lucky as I read some stories that people can’t walk etc. I’m still able to walk and move about. I just keep telling myself I’m brave

I just get cold sores had them all my life but never had them anywhere else but I know how painful they are. I get them when I’m stressed, got a cold or flu or if I’m really run down. I can’t help with recommending anything for the blisters you have down stairs but for your mouth I find the cheaper the coldsore cream the better it is. I would recommend going to the doctor to get the blisters checked out and medicine to treat them as you haven’t had them before but if you get them on your mouth again just pop to the supermarket or a pharmacy and get some coldsore cream they will clear up in a few days if you use the cream three times a day. I find the best way to keep an attack short is when you get the tingling feeling start using the cream on the site you feel the tingling, it won’t stop them coming up but it will make it go faster. I hope you feel better soon

Hi Ashleigh,

How are you? any updates?

hope u doing ok

Hiya. Yes I’m good thank you. I survived my first outbreak even though it was absolute hell. Haven’t had another outbreak that I’ve noticed as I know they less severe. But going on holiday soon and I’m scared as I know sunlight is a trigger x

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