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Hi there. I have a big problem having sex, I’m not sure what it is, but everything leading up to it, is fine, it’s great even, but during sex I just get soft and most of the time no feeling. This has happened multiple times, with different partners over the years. I think it could be nerves or something wrong with me? It’s really beginning to trouble me as an early adult, could do with some advice or anyone who’s overcome similar experiences.

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Hi, it sounds like you could do with speaking to your doctor. Could be psychological or not getting the blood flow to your penis. Viagra or Cialis helps this problem and increases sensitivity

I had similar problem when I was 40. Erections were only possible with manipulation then I got the lack of feeling and a limp member. I ended up on injections but after a bout of high blood pressure they stopped working. None of the pills work so I have been offered an implant, but I don't fancy that. If it is a blood flow problem try and get surgery because I was diagnosed with that and the injections didn't improve the blood flow on a permanent basis.

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