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Herpes recurrence

I was diagnosed with HSV type2 about 6 weeks ago, I was given Aciclovir for 5 days which really helped, I was clear for about a week after. Ever since then I have had some kind of lesion pretty much continuously. They are not painful just really irritating and a constant reminder. I wanted to avoid using suppressive therapy however if I want any kind of sex life I feel I’m going to have to. Does anyone have any advice?

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This must be really distressing. I think it would be a good idea to go to your local sexual health clinic for some advice. Aciclovir is a very safe drug, even taken for years, and can control symptoms really well. After 6 months you can try without it and your symptoms may have settled. have really good advice

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Hey, I was diagnosed five years back now. Like you I continuously had outbreaks. I decided that I could no longer put up with them so I decided to go on to suppressive therapy. I took the tablets religiously for around 8 months. I decided after that I would stop taking them and see if the outbreaks had improved. Luckily they had!! I went from having I think about 10 outbreaks in the first 6 months to now having around 4 w year and they are a lot less painful and don’t last longer then 5 days most times. I also gave birth vaginally last year and my pregnancy went amazingly. All the best. I know it’s hard but it will get better promise. Xx


I was diagnosed almost a year and a half ago and I’ve pretty much taken acyclovir everyday since then. I’m due to have a break from the tablets after next month as I’m going on holiday and want to try and avoid having a breakout but I hope they’ve calmed down without taking them! Good luck!

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Thank you, they are already nothing like the initial outbreak which is good because that was horrendous and the thought of having to go through that regularly was horrific. But there is a possibility of a new relationship, If he doesn’t reject me once I tell him anyway 🙄, but is there even a point if there’s no chance of me ever being able to be intimate with anyone. I’m going to go to the doctors this week and get sorted.

Thank you for your responses 😁



I was in the same boat a few years ago. One breakout after another and no stopping.

Same with the acyclovir but I would still get the tinkling sensation and breakout.

I think all a sign of an over taxed immune system.

These natural items help and I have been without a breakout for almost 5 years. I almost forgot I had the darn virus.

I think what did it was in reducing inflammation which started my reduction on the outbreaks.

Everyone is different but these worked.

To reduce inflammation I started using Baking Soda.

1. Large glass of water with 1/2 spoon of baking soda with a table spoon of Black Strap Molasses at at night, before going to bed, on an empty stomach or at least 2 hours after your last meal.

Never drink baking soda with food in your stomach or if you have blood pressure problems.

I have also gone vegan which helps reduces inflammation. No burgers or fries..

2. 500mg of L-lysine 3 times a day.

3. 3 scops of Ultrimate Monolaurian.

4. I still take acyclovir, half 500 mg every morning. With the above, I was able to reduce the dose by splitting the pill in half.

My outbreaks are completely gone.

Once you feel that there inflammation is gone and you feel confidant you can reduce the Monolauran and L-Lysine to 2x a day. 1 Morning and 1 night.

This has cured me and I don't even think of the virus anymore.

I have also have heard of actual cures. So people experience this using BHT for a few years.

BHT you have to make sure you do not have liver problem and have a blood test to make sure you are doing damage to your liver.

The above has brought sanity into my life again. Here a site that might help you research:


Hope this helps...


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