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Pain during sex

I’m a 17 year old female and I’ve been experiencing pain durning intercourse upon penetration for nearly a year now. It burns on the inside very close to the entrance (not on the outside at all) and as soon as I urinate after intercourse it burns and any other time I urinate it is perfectly fine. the pain lasts for a long time afterwards but a bath sometimes helps dull it a little but sleep gets rid of the pain. I have used thrush treatments and it doesn’t work, I have tried lube products and I have even had a vaginal exam to which the doctor told me there was nothing causing concern and even told me my cervix looks very healthy. She told me if this canesten cream doesn’t work then she thinks it’s psychological but the pain randomly started one day and it has gotten worse as the time goes on. I don’t believe it’s psychological but has anyone had anything like this? The doctors done tests and a physical exam but that’s it, should I have more exams than just one? It’s really affecting me on an emotional level now, I don’t even feel like a woman anymore because I can’t enjoy myself like I used to on sexual terms with my partner.

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Have you had a chlamydia test? Signs of that are burning sensations during and after inter course and possible bleeding? If you haven’t been tested I would advise that you do if this has been going on for a long time x


I’ve been tested multiple times and I never got any bad news, it puzzles me!! X


Might be too late to reply but it could be because your bf is being a bit too rough with foreplay or sex. The inside of your vagina is highly sensitive and you may have micro abrasions that are being continually opened up before having a chance to heal. I would out a sex ban on for a couple of weeks and then give it another go.


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