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What constitutes a pregnancy risk?

I’m doing some reading around what may constitute a true pregnancy risk, as I want to be safe for the future.

A few weeks ago, my boyfriend ejaculated after oral sex, and as he moved he accidentally brushed his penis against my vagina. I know this is not unprotected penetrative sex, but the sexual health nurses I have seen have said this could be considered a risk.

I did a test 26 days after the incident and it has been negative.

I was just wondering if anyone knows anyone who got pregnant in this way (I certainly don’t!) or if you ever worry about non-penetrative activity.

Also: can I trust that pregnancy test?

Thank you x

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You can 100% rely on that test, especially since it was 3 weeks since the incident. Any contraception can lead to pregnancy, as they all have a failure rate, even the IUD which is over 99%. The best contraception is abstinence. As far as I know...sperm can only live inside of a body, or a short time outside of the body, but I could be wrong, if you got pregnant from that you’d need to change your name to the Virgin Mary, lol.

Ella x


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