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Am i pregnant


I had sex 11 days ago. Surely we use condom. After 5days suddenly felt dizzy n my hands n feet started to shake n get cold. I notice that i fart a lot. During the sunday i notice some weird taste after exercising n after an hour, felt same dizzy headache w/ cold hands and feet shaking. Also keep on experncng lightheadedness and headache i feel tired than usual. Period is due on oct 4. But i am afraid i am showing signs of pregnancy. I cannot risk being pregnant i am graduating in college in six months. Please is this pregnancy?

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These don't sound like pregnancy symptoms, but the only way to find out is to test.

Either way maybe an idea to make a doctor's appointment

Anonymous0217 in reply to moo196

Supposedly yesterday oct 4 i should already have my period but it didn't came. I took pt test today and it says negative. Should i take again..? I am so much worried ..

It doesn’t sound like your pregnant. But if your worried you could get an early pregnancy test or get the doctor to test you. You could work out your ovulation date and see if it coincides with the date you had sex. But I personally would just take a pregnancy test. Hope this helps

I already took twice. One last oct 1 and one last october 3... All are negative.. Although i am expecting my period on october 4.. Could it be the signs i felt is just because of anxiety due to overthinking? My bf have told me that maybe its anxiety. He know for sure that he did not cum inside me and surely used condom during the whole time.

Well that sounds like your not pregnant. If your period doesn’t start on time I would take another test in a couple of days time. The symptoms your describing don’t really sound like pregnancy symptoms but then again everyone different

Thank you so much ajuliette you really hepl me feel relieved. Anyways I'll update you and ask again if thats ok

That’s alright glad I could help. Of course that’s fine

Supposedly my period should start yesterday. I took a test again today and it's negative.. Do you think I should take another test?

Honestly I wouldn’t take another test. If your that worried I would go to the doctors and see what they say, but personally if your period is a week late then you should take another test but you don’t need to worry at the moment as you’ve already had a few negative tests

Hello ajuliette, i had my period yesterday afternoon i was just 2 days delayed. Thank you for your help. I assume i should be relax now. Do i have to still check and take a pt after my period?

Hi, that’s great, I think the worrying delayed your period, stress can do that. No you don’t need take anymore pregnancy tests 😊

Hi there, it doesn't sound like pregnancy it's sound more like an anxiety/stress issue. When my anxiety and stress levels are high this happens to me.

Yes that's what i think.. I just got stressed maybe from worrying thank u :)

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