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Pregnancy test question

Hi all,

Quick question to reassure my anxiety- how common is it to never have a positive pregnancy test?

I’ve just read some stuff online which is making me doubt the negative tests I’ve had (I don’t want to be pregnant)

This is kind of stupid as I’ve not even had penetrative sex in the last month or had ejaculate near/on my vagina or pre-cum, but I really struggle with health anxiety so can’t stop thinking.


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I expect you will be fine, have you had a period? Some of the tests are supposed to be 99% accurate, and if all have come back negative then I’d be very surprised if you were pregnant. Think about it like this, people with positive experiences hardly write anything up, and if they do, it never makes headlines as such, whereas shock stories shock others and make those headlines, so you’re bound to see more scary than good, which doesn’t help with your anxiety.

In my experience my tests have always been accurate (clear blue).

You can take the morning after pill up to 5 days after intercourse (I think there may be one that is 7 days??) but the sooner after intercourse the better.

Just relax, and breathe! Things will be okay x


Hi, thanks for your reply!

I have just come off the pill so don’t have regular periods at the moment. I was told by a nurse that any test taken 21 days after an incident would be very reliable (and I haven’t had any unprotected sex so I don’t think there was a risk) so let’s hope she was right!

Thank you x

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I’ve taken a test after less than 10 days and it worked, so the longer you go the more it’s going to work - if you're worried test first thing in the morning when you have a full bladder - that is when the hormones will be strongest, and use a good test.

When was your last period?


Hi! I don’t have regular periods because I’ve just come off the pill but had my withdrawal bleed from the 23rd November till the 28th, which is why I’m worried as nothing has come along yet and it’s been 31 days. I’ve used a mix of a clear blue tests and ones that an NHS nurse gave me which are like strips


It can take up to two years going your periods to go back to normal after the pill. You have to try and be rational - write down the facts - you haven’t had sex, you’ve done loads of tests, you’ve just come off the pill. Have you done any CBT for your anxiety? It really helps. There are books you can buy with exercises in which help you to learn how to control your thoughts. I als mo did self hypnotherapy mp3s by this guy called Glenn Harold plus reflexology and reiki - all v helpful

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Hi! I’m starting CBT soon and I’ll definitely look that up. You’re so right. Thank you xxx


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