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Advice please

Help please. I’m 26 going on 27 in two months. I really don’t want any baby’s never has been something I’ve wanted. I really want my tubes tied. I can’t get a doctor to do it yet as apparently im “ to young” and “ don’t know what I want”. Some advice would really help.

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If getting your tubes tied is purely to avoid pregnancy then I'd go to a GUM clinic -


- and have a chat about contraception - all the options. If I could be so bold, it's not true that you "don't know what you want" - you do know what you want, but now. The "oldies" and medics are scared because they can't know what your opinion will be in the future... which, without talking to you in the future, they just can't know. Tying tubes is scarily permanent. If I, personally speaking, were to encourage you to get your tubes tied now how could I face you in the future if you ever changed your mind, for whatever reason...? Please... just have a chat...


My advice would be to use contraception - double up - pill or coil or something AND condoms. As someone who had to have a hysterectomy at 36 and wasn’t able to have kids naturally before that (IVF), i’d Advise to take a gentle route for now - you really do never know how you’ll eel when you’re 40 - you might meet someone and it might change your life. Sometimes you don’t want kids at certain times of your life because it is t the right time for you. It is always your choice, but you might want to future proof - you never know what’s going to happen and once it’s gone it’s gone - take it from me xxxxx


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