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Is it safe to start the pill now?

Hello! I came off the pill about two months ago and haven't yet had a period (I know that it can take a while to get back to normal) - however, I now want to start taking it again. Do I have to wait until I get my period to start taking it again? If so, which day of the cycle do I start? And if I don't have to wait and took it today, am I protected straightaway?

Thank you!

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Hi Charlotte, no, you can take it any time in your cycle as far as I’m aware. I took the combined pill for 8 years, and was told that I was covered after 7 days. So my cycle with that was 21 days and was covered for a 7 day break for my period.

I have also had some experience with Cerazette, a mini pill, 28 days a pack, irregular periods till eventually no bleeding (so I’ve been told) I also believe that it was 7 days of taking the mini pill and then you’re covered.

So use extra precaution until the 7 day period, but it may be different for the pill you’re taking? Have you got a leaflet you can read in your pillbox?

Hope this info helps!


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