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can i get a more comprehensive sti test?

Hi, i'm in a new relationship and wanted to get tested to be responsible, as a couple of times in the past i've had unwise unprotected sex (m+f).

I did the urine test for Gonorrhea & Chlamydia, and came back negative, and I have no symptoms, but there seem to be so many other things that I might have and I don't want to unwittingly pass anything on.

i'm in edinburgh & went to nhs place, they said no need to test for syphilis & HIV as I wasnt in a high risk group.

can I ask to get tested for anything else?

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Hi jerrys,

I'm not too sure how they decided you weren't in the "high risk" group, since you say you've had "unwise unprotected sex (m+f)".

> can I ask to get tested for anything else?

Yes, although they might - as you say - decide you're not risky enough to test for HIV or syphilis (blood). You may have to refine your answers to the questions on what sort of sex you've been having.

However... as you are "asymptomatic" - you have no symptoms - many local Health Trusts are now switching to an online service:


Please try this and - if your local trust is onboard - a pack will come through the post including tests for HIV and syphilis (if you answer the questions in the right way...). Note that the HIV/syphilis test is based on a blood sample which I got taken out of me by booking into my local doctor's surgery/phlebotomist/blood taker(!!) - it was easier than squeezing drops of blood out of my finger (it's more than a few drops of blood...).

I've tried this service myself and it's incredibly quick and efficient.

If the online service isn't operating in your area then I'd nip back to your local clinic to highlight your need for a blood test to cover HIV/syphilis based on your "unwise unprotected sex (m+f)".


Hi Thanks very much for your reply that's useful, i didn't know about that testing service. I checked and I don't think they are funded in my area unfortunately

when I say not in high risk group, they specify that as men having sex with men, or having had sex with a prostitute, neither of which I've done. When i referred to 'unwise' sex I meant a drunken encounter on a night out with no condom - not very wise at all and not something I'd do nowadays but I can't take it back.

I will try going back to my local clinic or perhaps try and buy one of the postal 10 STI tests



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