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I have a regualr partner whom I have been with for 4 months. A few weeks ago a condom split.

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I recently went to my local surgery and asked for an STI test. She only tested me for Chlamydia.When I asked should I not be tested for others, she said Chlamydia is the most common, if that were to come back positive, they would test for others. Is this normal practice? Surely, if that test comes back clear it does not mean I am definately safe...?

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As part of a general check up (if you haven’t got any symptoms) you should have a Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea test, these are usually done on a urine test or a self taken swab. Everyone should also be offered a blood test for HIV, Syphilis and Hepatitis B however low your risk of acquiring these infections is. These tests are standard in sexual health clinics and you should expect the same from your GP. Not having Chlamydia certainly doesn’t equal not having any of the other infections!

If you have symptoms it’s better to head off to a sexual health clinic and see a specialist nurse or doctor.

As this is a new relationship it’s good if you both get checked out for STIs right at the start of the relationship too for peace of mind for you both.

Also if you are not on any contraception it might be worth chatting to your doctor / clinic about it as condoms can break so it’s always good to have a backup method like the pill etc.

Hope this helps!

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I'm making a big assumption that you're a woman! If you are a man forget the contraception bit.

If you are a man and your partner is also a man probably best to head to your local sexual health linic for a checkup.

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If you are female I presume you were covered for contraception when the condom split. If happens again & you aren't using any other form of contraception you can get emergency contraception afterwards ('morning after pill') -the sooner you take this the more effective it is, can be taken up to 72- 120 hours after unprotected sex.

Attend your local sexual health clinic to have a full check up ( chlamydia, gonorrhoea, one blood test for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis). Take your partner with you - you both need to be checked. Testing is really easy -may just be a urine test, a swab you take yourself & a blood test, don't usually need to be examined unless you feel you have a problem. Each time you change partner get checked out & if you attend a sexual health clinic you'll get a full screen each time.

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Certainly Chlamydia is extremely common, especially in young people. But I think it would be wise to have a full sexual health screen. You need to attend your local GUM Clinic, where they will be able to do a complete sexual health screen, and advise you on the best time to have the tests done. This is a free and confidentual service, and any treatment you may need are also free. I hope this reassures you.

If you are female and have no other form of contraception (than the condom) you will need the"morning after pill" to prevent a preganancy.

With best wishes Kinm

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Thanks for the answers. I am female. It is interesting that CharlieJoe said I should expect the same from my GP. That is what I would have expected, but as I said, the nurse seemed to imply that they would not test for aything else until the Chlamydia test came back :(

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nope not here in the US. do all at once. period. why dance around with multiple std's when we do not know WHICH we may have contracted??

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