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Accidentally took more than one pill in a day

This is the third time this month that I've panicked that I haven't taken my pill so take an extra one, will this affect my protection during my week break? I take my last pill tomorrow and don't know what to do? My boyfriend and I fooled around last night but didn't have sex and I'm pretty sure he kept his boxers on for the most part and he definitely didn't fully ejaculate but will I be protected now if I stop my pill tomorrow for my week? (So I'll have taken 24 pills in 21 days this month)

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Hi, Mageeee - you're fine taking more pills in a day - it's missing them, or taking them late that causes the problems (including unexpected bleeding). Just take your normal 7-day break and carry on normally.

Obviously, you only had 18 days of actual pill taking rather than 21 but you've had enough into your system to take the 7-day break - and then return to the normal pill taking routine.

Alternatively, you could carry straight on into your next packet and avoid taking the break, as you're worried - but contraceptively, you'd still be OK.

Lengthening the 7-day break is what causes problems - so missed pills in the last or first week of a packet are where the problems occur. The ovaries are resting whilst you're taking pills properly, but they start to wake up during the 7-day break. If they're not put back to sleep on Day 8 when you're meant to restart pill taking, out can pop an egg pretty soon after that. So missing in the last week, starts to wake them up and not starting again when you should, allows them to wake up further, risking pregnancy.

There should be a manufacturer's leaflet in the box that your pills came in, with a guide of what to do, too.

I hope this helps.


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