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Ive been in a relationship for 7 years now and would like to know, after a person having a one night stand and possibly contracting an sti/std what would be the longest/shortest time it could take for an sti/std to be picked up when getting tested?

(If you went to get tested the day/nigh after sex would the test be possitive straight away if infected or does it take time?)

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Yes it takes time I do believe up to two days to a month.


Things like chlamydia and ghonnorhea thrush BV can be picked up the day you go for your test probably a couple of days after contracting it. Herpes can also be looked at if there is sores there but they still usually swab the sores to rest which can take a week or more to get results. HIV and syphilis etc can be picked up in blood tests which also take a few weeks for results to return


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