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Advice for dealing with blood in urine? Thank you!!!

Hi, I'm quite concerned and will go to my GP next week, however between now and then I need some reassurance hahaha and some advice too please!

Earlier, I found that there was blood in my urine and it hurt to go to the toilet, as well as that when I went (maybe TMI) not much came out, it just dripped and it's so frustrating because my bladder feels full! I'm bloated as well and it's really uncomfortable :( Camping tomorrow and it's really putting me off going but I can't get out of it!

Thank you for any advice!!!!

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You can get sachets for utis in any supermarket but start it soon or it'll get worse and painful


Classic symptoms of a bladder infection. If you start to feel 'flank pain' ie. higher up in your kidneys then it's urgent to get antibiotics right away. Did this begin after unprotected sex? You did not say.

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See your gp TODAY not next week. This could well be bladder infection which may quickly turn to bad kidney infection and worse !

Good luck


Hey! I had the exact same thing a few years ago! I would feel like I was about to wet myself, go to the toilet and only dribble out blood. I went straight to the doctors and they said I had a really bad bladder infection and that if I hadn't seen them sooner it would have gone to my kidneys and potentially put me in hospital. Please never ignore these types of symptoms, if your body is producing blood (other than your period) then this would seek immediate medical attention


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