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Sacral Herpes, feeling so helpless and low

I was diagnosed with herpes on Friday and I am really struggling to come to terms with it. I was so surprised as I honestly thought I had Psoriasis and didn't give a thought about an STD as I have only been getting the itchy bumps and blisters at the top of my bum. I have been with my husband for 9 years, who has been absolutely fantastic. We both know we have been faithful and have accepted the disease could have came from either of us and it's something we just have to accept and move on.

Except I'm not moving on or handling it very well at all. The outbreak area is the largest it's ever been, this being about my 3rd outbreak in a year, I keep bursting into tears and panicking. I know I need to get a grip.

My Dr isn't the best, he made a few patronising faces, prescribed me Aciclovir (800mg tablets which I'm convinced are far too strong after reading the leaflet) and told me not to take them this as he said it's too late but to keep the tablets for future outbreaks.

I've started taking them today as I'm about two weeks into this outbreak and constantly itchy, no pain. I've went and bought Epsom salts and Aloe Vera gel to try and curb this as I feel it's spreading more and more. I feel so dirty and hopeless and I'm paranoid every itch below my waist is another outbreak happening. I just can't get it into my head I have herpes, I've never had a cold sore, never had anything other than the odd bout of thrush down there. The constant itching and ugliness of the blisters keep reminding me what a horrible person I am.

I just want to feel better about myself......

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Hi Laura ,

I noticed that you are in the UK. That been so, my advice would be fairly simple : please go (If you havn't already) directly to your nearest GUM clinic (Google). You do not have to go through your GP and do not even have to let your GP know. The clinic are the STI experts and are specialists in this area whereas your GP may only have very limited knowledge. I never thought i'd ever have to go to such a place but these things do happen to very good ordinary people. They treat you totally professionally with respect for your privacy and do not judge you at all. The staff are all there to help us and that is exactly what they did for me. No one needs to know unless you want them to , and i can't recommend them highly enough. You can phone them or even just call in to speak to the receptionist. It's not even embarassing as all the patients are in similar situations and the different staff that i came in communication with were all lovely. Please go to the real experts and don't rely on internet information or even your GP. It's free as it comes under the NHS. They can obviously help you with the medical side but can also help emotionally with knowledgeable counselling as they are always dealing with patients with similar worries.

Good Luck



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