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Edge of losing my mind over resistant 'urethritis'


I was in a sexual encounter about 4 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago I start experiencing a mild irritation in my urethra, so I go see a doctor. He tells me I've urethritis and actually points out a wart a hadn't noticed upon examination. So I got a week's worth of antibiotics, but instead of getn better, the symptoms have been getting worse. Now I not only feel a burning sensation in my urethra, but it migrates as it please up & down my groin. I'm on my second batch of antibiotics now (doxy) and still nothing has changed. Shouldn't this have cleared now, & urethritis should only be confined to the urethra, right? So why am I feeling this all over my pubic area, in between my buttocks sometimes even. I'm really worried. Any advice or success stories over similar symptoms would be greatly appreciated.

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