Am I Protected?

I'm new here, and slightly paranoid, so this may seem like a silly question. I take the pill regularly and have done for the past four years or so. On Friday I had sex without using a condom for the first time, previously I had always used a condom as well as taking the pill. Is the pill sufficient to protect against pregnancy on its own? I haven't missed any of them.

Thank you

3 Replies

  • Yes it is safer than just a condom so you will be fine there is only I tiny chance but it is unlikely

  • you should be fine love if you haven't missed a pill


  • All contraceptive pills if taken correctly (which it sounds like you are) are very effective, pills don't protect against STIs though so if your partner hasn't had a checkup probably best for you both to get tested before you start having regular unprotected sex.

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