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Herpes nightmare

Hi, so I've been diagnosed with herpes and only been tested today, but my partner was refused testing because of no symptoms, not really sure what to do because I'm not entirely convinced my diagnosis was correct, I have no other genital herpes symptoms other than very painful blisters but even then don't look entirely like herpes.. have I been misdiagnosed?

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I very much doubt it, sorry.

If your partner won't be tested there is nothing you can do. Their responsibility. Apparently you can tell sti clinic and they will tell your partner anonymously. I think you must use a condom now specially when you have a flare-up. But I,m not sure so ask the clinic.

Good luck pet.

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Thank you, it's a difficult situation because now I'm developing more thrush or BV symptoms to anything else, if genital herpes was the diagnosis then it's just a waiting game for the results to come back, I've only ever been with my partner so I would have caught this off him, he's also developing no symptoms but thank you for the help


Sorry to say but it sounds like herpes. If your partner refuses to be tested maybe it's because he doesn't want to admit he gave them to you. Herpes sucks but there is medication to manage and diminish the symptoms plus apparently the first outbreak is the worst and after that your immune system is better able to fight it off. The most important thing to remember is that you can still transmit the infection even if you don't have an outbreak. In fact many people are carriers without ever showing symptoms. This may be how your boyfriend gave it to you. There are a couple ways to minimize the risk of spreading herpes. 1. Abstain from sexual activity during an outbreak 2. Use condoms 3. Taking an antiviral medication called Valtrex on a daily basis can suppress potential outbreaks and make transmission less likely. Best of luck to you.


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