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Hey, this is a personal question which is why I've given myself an unknown nickname.

I got a call from the clinic today to say I came back chlamydia positive. However I've just come out of an domestic relationship but should tell him to go and get tested really. What do i do? (I'm not aloud contact with him, he's not aloud to visit or come by me) 'or harass me in anyway'

And I used woman's toy before knowing what do I do with that? Should I throw it away?

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Wash the toy in warm, soapy water. Let dry. Good as new. As far as notifying your partner, I'm not sure where you're writing from, but there are public health workers that do partner notification without disclosing your information. Contact the clinic where you tested positive and ask them if they can put you in touch with a partner notification program. Here in the USA they're called DIS workers and they contact sexual contact anonymously. They'll make sure your partner gets tested and treated (if necessary). No need for you to violate any restraining order.

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Thank you. Means a lot, I'm writing from the UK


I am sure the GUM clinic or doctor's surgery can help with notifying your ex. Well done for getting out of that relationship

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There used to be "contact tracers" in the UK but those days are long gone. I would guess that these days the rules of confidentiality would 100% prevent the clinic contacting your ex. If you are subject [mutually no doubt] to ANY form of court order then you must totally obey that. Even such a "helpful" contact as you might be suggesting could well be in breach and - if so - YOU could get into serious trouble I am afraid.


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