Hello, I recently went to the doctors because I had been experiencing pains when passing urine before, during and after and found i felt the urge to go to the toilet more often then usually and weird pains down bellow. I was given a course of antibiotics for three days. When I started the course of antibiotics I felt that I didn't have the 'water infection' anymore and stopped taking the tablets stupidly. However, my symptoms started to occur again and then they disappeared? Is it common for the symptoms to occur then disappear? Or is there something wrong?

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  • antibiotics take time to work thoroughly. That is why you must take all of them even when you feel better. Sometimes you have to go back to the GP for more or a different sort if the infection comes back because it means they were not all killed off.

  • And finish the course of antibiotics this time- ,even if you feel better...

  • Always,always finish the dose.

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