Irritation down below

Can stress cause irritation down there like a thrush, burning sensation ??

Iv had this thrush kinda problem recently and it has been on and off, It will be there one day even if it's a few hours and nothing the next or even after a few hours of having it I can be perfectly fine, I am sexual active and I can have sex and it has been fine the day or 2 after but they it just hits and it's so sore and uncomfortable. I have got canesten thrush cream but I can't decide if it actually helps or not as it comes on and off a lot within little amount of time . I am stress to the max at the moment as I have higher exams and family issues , could this be the cause ??Xx

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Hi there,

If this is a thrush reoccurrence, speak to your GP who will be able to prescribe you with an effective medication, such as a stronger cream.

You can use Greek yoghurt with a tampon applicator to relieve your symptoms, and also a wet flannel on the irritated areas.

Get well soon.

Charlotte, third year medical student


well stress can affect your blood sugar/adrenaline which can lead to an overgrowth of yeast. Have you tried a good probiotics supplement from a health shop or adding some plain yogurt to your diet?


Genital herpes.....


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