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I have had thrush before it was diagnosed from my gp however I have it again after about 6 months. Is there anything I can do to stop the itch until I get to my GP tomorrow?

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Coconut oil if you have any, its an anti fungal and also very soothing. I've also heard of people putting a garlic clove 'up there' which can get rid of mild infections but never tried it myself. Also, why do you need to go to the gp? If you recognise it as thrush you can get the medicine over the counter from the pharmacy or supermarket :) x

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It can be caused by more serious things like undiagnosed diabetes high blood sugar levels, or it might be an STD - 'cause some can cause same symptoms as thrush, or you might need something longer lasting than a single standard pharmacy bought thrush treatment, boric acid is an example of this. Aso garlic will burn the **** outta your vagina.. it might work to get rid if thrush but you'll be in serious discomfort, it will burn..

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I would not advice coconut oil or garlic. Get advice from gp or sexual health clinic. attach link for further info:

Hi I had thrush I got antibiotics and cream some other stuff now its come back

What else can I do sick this

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I'm not sure why you were given antibiotics!!! They can often cause thrush. Anyhow try using a pecessary as well as the cream. I get thrush every month before my cycle it's an absolute nightmare.

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I had thrush every week for a year. After years of seeing various different doctors, I was diagnosed with a mannose binding lectin protein deficiency via a blood test.

If you are getting repeat infections, it is possible that you might have this also. It is genetic and its where you body doesn't produce enough of these helpful little proteins that normally help to keep thrush in check.

I went onto a prophylactic treatment where I took one thrush capsule every week for six months. I am now taking one capsule every two weeks and probably will have to for the foreseeable future.

My advice would be to see your GP and get them to start the treatment asap. I waited a year and as a result I developed vaginsmus and vulvadynia from the repeated thrush infections.

The medical profession does not take recurrent thrush infections seriously enough. Vaginismus and vulvadynia chat rooms are full of women who have developed these conditions as a results of recurrent thrush.

Anyway, hope that helps.

100% agree that the medical professions don't take thrush seriously enough..when it's bad it is extremely debilitating for a woman. When severe it really is agony ( my mum recently pointed out to me that many women just get a case of mild thrush which isn't so painful and irritating which could explain why it's not taken that seriously because seems generally people don't get how shit it actually is) and it affects how much exercise you can do and your mental state and can lead to relationship breakdown. When I began the prophylaxis I started to get it every week seemed like the fluconazole was actually making it stronger weirdly enough ..until the very last week of the 6 months when it magically disappeared ..I did also take a course of 6-day pessaries I bought from the pharmacist cus I was just fed up.. seems like that helped that time. Wonderful that you were able to get those tests and get to the bottom of it!

I am constantly living with thrush! It is ruining my life and really affecting my mental health:( my doctor doesn’t seem to understand how much pain I am in, can anyone help? I’m 20 years old and have no idea why I can’t get rid of this infection:(

Hi I alwAys get thrush to. I’ve had it for 2years now every month and find it hard to get rid off

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The GP should be giving you a 6 month treatment where you take 1 tablet every 72 hours and then 1 a. Week for a 6 month period. My GP didnt suggest it until I asked about it! I've just asked the group about copper coil causing this as that's when mine started and i hadn't thought about it until now.

Hope this reply is not too late but may help others. Conventional doctors know nothing about thrush. First, it is caused by Candida (a fungus) and the most common strain is Candida Albicans. Conventional medicine will only work on Candida Albicans. There are a few unusual strains (eg Canddia Glabratis) and the best remedy for these is natural bacteria. You can get these from various companies in particular Biocare in the form of vaginal pessaries, and Cervagyn cream. However, Candida is a natural inhabitant of the bowel and you get vaginal thrush when the Candida runs out of control. Therefore, you need to take probiotics. Again, Biocare has an excellent range and I find they are the most effective and strongest on the market. There are 4,000 rare strains of thrush but 80% of the population have Candida Albicans which is all the NHS is worried about. Most of the rest have an unusual but not rare strain.

Women get vaginal thrush after taking antibiotics (which kills off your natural bowel bacteria), during pregnancy, before a period, in times of stress which unbalances the hormones affecting the vagina, if there is an underlying illness like diabetes or endometriosis, if their diet is too high in sugar but especially refined sugar. Do not eat jam, sweet cakes, endless cups of coffee/tea with biscuits, especially on an empty stomach. If the thrush is severe or persistent, you may need to reduce your sugar intake drastically. Try to keep your protein:carb intake balance. Do eat some fruit (maybe not bananas) as the natural gut bacteria lives on this. Much of the diet is trial and error to see what balance you can tolerate without getting thrush. Some foods are good for thrush, eg sourdough bread and sauerkraut which helps feed the natural bacteria.

Quite often you can get itching round the back passage and bleeding after you eat something sweet, making walking painful. Thrush is unbearable, causing lethargy, urticaria, throbbing pain and bowel cramps and - contrary to the NHS - it stinks of sour yeast. A quick soothing local help for long-term thrush is also Oregano oil in a base of coconut oil. Mix a few tinctures of Oregano oil on to some coconut oil paste and rub round the outside area - the relief is immense but be careful to try out the Oregano sparingly as it really can burn. Even the burning is a relief from the itching though.

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Hi Becky

I have the copper coil

And get thrush every month just before my period !!!!!!

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Yes I've noticed this trend too since I originally wrote this question! But I also do get it back mildly if I come off the medication or even have a bubble bath agrivates it now. Madness 🙄


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Have you tried changing your diet ? You can’t eat sweets, fruits, and drink alcohol. I have been living with thrush for 7 years . Change of diet really helps me .

See a different doctor,maybe a female. I also saw a male doctor in Ireland who just said yea, some women do just get it every month, it's unfortunate but what can you do. He acted like it was some kind of regular "women's problem" like a period. You must also go to the doctor every time even tho it's horrible to go out like that , it is important to get a diagnosis so that you are able to get the frequency logged and get the longer term treatment and potential referral for a specialist .

Ever since i became pregnant... My daughter is now 11 months old... I have had thrush its no joke my ex partner her dad thought it was an STD and barely believed it was thrush as it kept coming back... Its a pain in the ***and I just want it gone now its so uncomfortable... Starting to worry I have diabetes now because why does it keep coming back...? Im currently 3 months into a 6 month course of treatment and ita making only about 20% difference to my symptoms..

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