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Irritation down below :-(


Since Wednesday/Thursday ( 22nd/23rd March ) I started to feel itching and inflammation down below. It only started since I was using vaginal sprays and mostly all my shower gels are sented and I shower with them sometimes twice a day but I shower pretty much everyday but my symptoms have gotten worse since my period started on Friday. When i first started the symptoms I couldn't decide whether it was thrush or BV so I went for thrush and the cream for thrush has made it worse and has now given me a small cycist. I've had BV in the past because I've been told I'm too clean but I'm having to diginose myself because I can't even get an appointment with my GP for at least 2 weeks and I don't want to walk into an AnE and take doctors away from people with a higher problem then me. What do I do. Thank you

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That may be genital herpes, would explain the thrush like symptoms and why the cream didn't completely resolve it and also the development of a cyist.

Get in a salt balth should sooth it. But you do need to go to a GUM Clinic


It's strange it just looks like a skin tag. There's no blister looking things ... just occurred after I stoped using scented feminine sprays and all my shower gels are scented plus guess it doesn't help I hand wash my underwear....


It sounds like it may be very irritated. You can easily unbalance the flora of your vagina by using sprays, feminine washes etc. Are you trying to stop using them? It may be worth thinking about.

Can you not get an emergency appt? If it is bothering you that much I'd say it warrants emergency appt. Also do you have out of hours GP services where you live? Most big towns have them.

If you call 111 if you're in the UK they may be able to help you with an appointment.

Best wishes 💗


Thank you. I will try the out of hours service

Thank you x


Hi. Did you go to the out of hours?


I managed to get an appointment with my GP yesterday morning. Went to work and work sent me home. Then ended having to go hospital because my grandparents didn't like seeing me in so much agony. I have been told I have herpes which I feel disgusted about as I've never had an infection down there before and they've given stuff to take because of a water infection I have as well. So got two different antibiotics and told to take co-codermol as well. I just feel so dirty and nasty that I have herpes. I feel so ashamed..


I know it feels like the end of the world. Felt that day with me 2 but it's sooo coming me n do your research will make u feel better about yourself. Like 80% of adults have some form of it and 50% of them aren't even aware and pass it out on not knowingly. Stigma is worse than it is even just go My through threads about herpes on this. Your not alone. Xx


That's what I mean it's the stigma about it and how people would react if I told them I.e partner :-( but thank you for your support xx


Hi there,

You can buy a Canesten test to determine whether you have BV or Thrush. If you have a grey like discharge that has a fishy smell, it is often BV and this is treatable with a Canesten product. BV does often reoccur unfortunately.

Best thing to do is to refrain from using feminine deodorants and scented soaps. Canesten do a great foam which is soothing to the vaginal area. You can also try and use a wet flannel to assist with any burning sensations.

Also, avoid synthetic tight clothing and feminine douching.

I hope you feel better soon.

Charlotte, third year medical student


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