Kidney infection?

So two days ago I had a really great urge it urinate and not a lot came out. I had a slight burning sensation but nothing bad at all. Yesterday everything was normal, but today the urge to urinate came back. I went to use the bathroom and very little came out, about an hour and a half later the urge came back. When I went to use the bathroom my urine was dark almost as if there was blood in it. I also had a burning sensation. I have had a UTI before and this feels different. Could it be a kidney infection??

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Cystitis?? Drink LOTS, try cystitis sachets....see doc if not better within couple of days....


This could be a case of kidney infection, better to see your doctor to do a urine or blood test. Kidney stone on the other hand comes with a lot of pain and this can be very uncomfortable so may need urgent attention at the hospital (CT scan to check it out)


Even if it hasn't reached your kidneys yet, you should get antibiotic treatment before it does. Often people sweat and get feverish and weak when their kidneys become infected along with tenderness to the right and left of the bellybutton area.


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