Copper coil problems?

So I've had the Coil for around 18 months, and before that I had extremely irregular periods, like one every 8/9 months. Anyway, for the past 5 months, my periods have been regular, like clockwork! Amazing I know! BUT, it has a strange horrible smell, kind of like a rabbit hutch smell, its gross! I bath most days and use scented soaps and bubble bath, I am concise of this smell. Last week, a co-worker has complained I have a disgusting body odour, a musty, wet clothes, smell, needless to say I am mortified and took measures, like odour stopper for my shoes as well as new insoles, re-washed my clothing and increased my hygiene routine, however, they have complained again today! I am more annoyed this time as I have done all this, along with copious amounts of deodorant and body spray, I even asked my partner to smell me regularly (we work together so its easy!) I know I didn't smell today! soo, I've read up on Bacterial Vaginosis, is this something I could have? It's embarrassing enough, let alone having to go to the doctors about this as well! This has made me extremely anxious and severely paranoid (psychosis is a recurring issue of mine). HELP!!

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  • Hi try to use deodorants a couple a times a day if the problem is really bad. But also use perfumes alot to smell nice which should hide any other smells.

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