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Everlasting Thrush

I've had thrush for half a year and have been to the doctors 3 times about it as it just does not want to leave!!! I've had a swab test that confirms its thrush and i am getting my blood tested to check whether it is diabetes that causes it (lets hope not!). Every time I go i get prescribed canesten 2% cream combined with a 500mg pessary and they just don't seem to work, does anyone have any alternatives that i can request? The doctor is never really useful on info about how to prevent it and how to lessen the symptoms and make them more bearable so I was just wondering if anyone had any advice on what has worked for them??

Thanks :)

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(little background info on mine) I've suffered every day (minus period days) with thrush for a year and a half. I used two over the counter creams, then went to the doctors 4 times. I was given pessaries, antibiotics and finally steroid cream. It was a very powerful bout I was experiencing, to the point I had to stop exercising for a year. The steroid cream calmed it greatly but by the second week it stopped working. I then gave up with medicine and went to natural like I usually do. I went on a sugar and gluten free diet, pure cranberry juice, natural yoghurt etc as I read you're meant to use more than one natural remedy. None of that worked. I then tried another pessary which did nothing. I then found an oil spray that was recommended on here from the mama nature website (it's called proskin candida; £27) it helped so much but I stopped using accidentally for two days and then it didn't work. I then just ignored it for a few months and then this summer my mom said about sea salt. Killing infections and all that and so when I went on holiday, the sea relieved me massively. When I got home I bought natural sea salt as it can only be natural - not table salt!! I bought small plastic spray bottles and mixed sea salt with water. I take it to work and use it throughout the day. I started off with one lid full of salt, then went onto two and now I'm on three. After christmas when i can stop eating all this chocolate (thrush feeds on sugar) I'll go up to four cap fulls. I was only using it externally but obviously the infection is inside too so I roll up cotton wool pads and soak them in the sea salt and leave inside for a bit. I must warn you, the infection is coming out so for the first few days (mine was weeks given I've had it so long) you may experience the usual pain and you may also experience a bad smell. When using internally and probably externally it will sting but at least you know it working :) I hope the sea salt works and I hope you don't suffer any longer. Good luck! x


Thank you so much, i'll deffo try sea salt!! :) Hope yours calms down soon too x


Hi, I experienced thrush for over 10 years. I was prescribed every canesten product, but it always came back. I have been thrush free for a year now. How did I get rid of it? Well I upped my dose of levothyroxine, and it disappeared along with other symptoms of headaches, repeated uti's and many more. My doctor didn't believe that I was undermedicated. My tsh was 3.5 and I knew, from reading here, it should be nearer 1. Iit is now at 0.3 and I have been thrush free for a year, and all other symptoms gone too.


Hey, thanks for the reply!! Glad to hear you've been free, hope it stays that way!! Am I right in thinking levothyroxine is to treat thyroid problems? I am booked in for blood tests to find out if there are any issues with my thyroid as my doctor suspects i do. Would you be able to give me more info on how it effects thrush as I can't find much info online? Thanks x


Hi everyone my sister had constant thrush. It really upset her so I did abit of research. I told her to stop shaving down there and Wear cotton underwear and it worked. She still as it every now and again but nowhere near as bad. I know people like to be tidy down there, but she had a long term partner and it saved her lots of hassle. Waxing might not kick it off put she's never tried that. Hope this helps someone. X x x



I have got thrush in my armpit an it is driving me insane, the doctor gave me canesten and it's not touching it, so tonight when lying in bed and wanting to rip my skin off I did some research, tea tree oil kills the bacteria that cause the infection and can be used for vaginal thrush too by applying tea tree oil and water to a tampon. Trying it now for the first time but there is lost of study's to confirm it works.

Good luck



Dear Apple3322,

I would recommend you visit your local Sexual Health (Genitourinary Medicine) clinic. There are some extra tests that would be done to identify which type of candida you have and if different treatment is required.

There are also specific treatment regimens for recurrent thrush. This usually involves taking some treatment regularly.

For some people the thrush comes monthly in time with your menstrual cycle. In which case a hormonal contraception that stops regular periods can also stop the thrush.

Kind regards.


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