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Eptopic pregnancy advice?

I am 32yrs old, have 3 children with my husband, ages 15, 13 and 6. I had my first two by emergancy c-sections, and my youngest was delivered by an elective c-section, which i opted for tubal ligation too. The first few year was great..healthy, didnt have the worry of falling pregnant. But on thursday i unexpectantly suffered my first ever seizure/fit. Friday i started my period, for the third time this month! Every day since i have been feeling sick, dizzy, basically not myself. Stilll bleeding ttoo. Visited my Gp, who thinks i am having an eptopic pregnancy.I had bloods done, awaiting results. Today i have had pain in my left side of pelvis, sharpp pain in shoulder and during weeing, i passed what looked like a plasic bag/sack, in peices. what is this?

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