My period was on February 3 and ovulated on the 16. I had unprotected sex on the 11. My period is one week late now. U think am pregnant?

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  • There's a chance you could be, it's too early for a pregnancy test to work just now so you could see your gp and get a blood test?

  • Sigh. Am scared

  • If ur late them I can assure u that's it's not to early for a test

  • I did a test and it came out negative

  • I'm pregnant right now an I did a test after a week late period and it was also negative so I waited a bit. Are you fairly regular?

  • My cycle change for February so it came early, so I don't think my period change again. Am taking medication but I asked my doctor if that could cause my period to delay and said no, there is no hormones in the pills

  • And don't worry about it, a lot of things can delay your period, stress for one, diet change etc. Or funny hormones so it could be nothing x

  • Thanks for the information. I did back a pregnancy test today and it's negative and my period is 7 days late

  • Could just be stress or something

  • I did a calculation on my phone and it said am 5 weeks but I still getting a negative pregnancy test

  • Wait it out for a bit longer then do another test first thing in the morning. If it's still negative go to your gp x

  • Thanks for your concern. Today I woke up with blood on my shorts. I think it's my period but normally my period comes extremely heavy the first day but this one kinda heavy but no blood clot and it's not blood red like normally. My period most times fill up my pad when I just start seeing it but not this time. I have period cramps but I doubt this is my period 😐

  • there is a possibility you are pregnant, the spotting represents implantation which occurs genrally 6-12 days. you still have time, it is not certain but ve ready!

  • I asked my doctor about implantation bleeding and he's saying nothing like that happens. My breast stops hurting and I don't feel like am pregnant/ have pregnancy Symtoms

  • Did you get you're period .

  • Please be safe and tell him to wear protection. It will protect you both .

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