I'm 18 years old and have had bad odour from my vagina since my early teens. Just recently, (1 week) I have started to get itchiness from the inside skin of my vagina and wanted to know if this is normal or just a phase. I would really appreciate all the feedback I get before visiting my gp as I hate the doctors - that will be my last resort.

I feel as though I have a fungus infection as my big toes on my feet have been discoloured, crackly and stiff since my early teens too. Are these both related?

Thank you in a advance.

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  • It sound like to me u have thrush there is stuff over the counter that u get check if it is and buy the stuff u need to treat it to hun x

  • Thank you for replying. Do you recommend anything for my use?

  • The only things I can recommend is canstern duo which is the cream and tie thing u put up and keep your vigina moist so it doesn't dry and itch I would recommend vagisil for that if that doesn't work then it might have to be a doctor job hun xx

  • Thank you!

  • The health and PH of your colon plays a role in keeping your V jay jay 'clean' ie. coated with good Lacto bacteria. More salads and fruits in the diet and less milk and cheese (yoghurt is good though.) Check out some probiotics at a Health Shop.

  • Thank you!

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