Coil removed 7 weeks ago and still no period

Hi, I had the coil for 6 year and it worked perfectly. I am no ready to try and conceive our 2nd baby. I had the coil removed in December, but I've still had no peroid and am still no ovulating.

Any idea how long this will take to get my body back in check, and when should I visit the doctors about this?

Best wishes


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I'm not medical but think it could be some months - particularly if it was mirena coil ?

Good luck


Did you have a coil - which is a copper containing intra-uterine device (IUD), or did you have an IUS - intra-uterine system (IUS), with progestogen on the stem - a Mirena®.

Have you done a pregnancy test in the last few days, by any chance?


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