Help I'm confused

Hi, I'm 14 yrs old and I've had a really bad pain in my clit for a couple of days, since I've started my period. I've got anxiety so has that got anything to do with it? It's like a sharp ache/ burning sensation and my mum isn't helping me whatsoever. Before my period I had really bad discharge like sometimes white and lumpy but my discharge has always been like that so I'm really stuck here. Can someone give me advice

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Speak with your GP


Discharge sounds like thrush - it can also cause stinging/soreness, so if you've had it untreated for a while that could be causing the pain. It's easily treated, so go see a doctor.

If it's something else, you definitely need to see a doctor, so the long and the short of it is: see a doctor! Just don't worry yourself too much since it's probably something fairly harmless :)


Okay thank you x


You need someone to examine you, see your local sexual health clinic if you don't want to go to your GP.

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