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I had to go to the out of hours dr last night after being in such pain for around 5 days. Originally diagnosed with a water infection but the dr last night said it look like herpes. I'm struggling too wee now really bad, I've had one full day of the anti biotics and was wondering how long it will take to start clearing up? I am currently sat in a salt bath it that's not helping me pee either. I've not been for about 12/14 hours now and I felt like I was going to pass out when I went earlier. I'm scared to drink because I can't go to the toilet. Do I need to contact the dr again or just ride it out 😞?

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The first outbreak is the worst. Get a cup of warm water as hot as you can tolerate it actually and as your peeing pour it onto your vagina it helps with the pain it did for me you feel a little pain not gonna lie but no where what your going through now.


My first outbreak was like that I couldn't pee in the bath shower anything it was absolute agony. Antibiotics didn't clear it up for me it took 6 days of really strong lidocaine cream to numb it a little and anti viral pills. I've had it 3 times since in the last few months luckily only a sting but very bearable.


Hi SLP6,

Sorry to hear your in such pain. You can talk painkillers as you would for a headache. Peeing in the shower can sometimes make it easier. I take it your doctor gave you some medication to take (usually aciclovir) to help clear up the episode?

There are numbing creams or gels you can get to put on the sores. I would suggest you visit your local Sexual Health / Genitourinary Medicine clinic for help.

If you really are unable to pee, then you will need to go to hospital for a catheter (small plastic tube) to be passed to let the pee out.

Kind regards,

Mark (Consultant in Sexual Health & HIV)


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