Hello 🙂

Hiya. I'm a mum to 5 children.

I've always suffered with my menstrual cycle and contraception. I've tried it all and nothing worked. So in Jan 2017 I had laparoscopic sterilisation and I am so happy. For the first time in a long time I no longer have to worry about unwanted pregnancy. I have no hormones making me crazy every month. I'm just happy to finally have something permanent that doesn't affect my hormones.

I also have a real interest in pharmacy and psychiatry.

Much love ; Clazzy ❤️

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How long did you have to wait for the procedure after the initial discussion with a nurse?


Hello. I think it about 3 months in total. That is from seeing my GP who wrote the referral letter, then was the gynae consultation then the date for my operation.

The time from seeing the gynaecologist to the op was about 8 weeks. Not too long to be honest.


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