Worried about hiv

Hi. I am from India. I had sex with a CSW on 10th Oct 2016. I wore condom during the entire vaginal intercourse. However, one day after the act, I checked the condom by filling water. Unfortunately I discovered that there was a tiny leak at the tip of the condom, from where water started dripping at a very slow pace. During the act, she bled. From the second week I have started experiencing the following symptoms.

Low grade fever. Groin pain. Two tender lymph nodes under the jaw and weight loss of around 6 kg.

I am going crazy thinking that I might have caught hiv through her blood that might have dripped through the condom leak. I would like to know what are the chances of infection considering that it was only a very tiny leak and the act lasted for only 3 to 4 mins and considering all the symptoms that are more or less indicative of acute hiv. I am planning to get tested this week (ie around 23 days after the possible exposure).

Could my symptoms indicate that the chance that I have hiv is high?

Is it possible that when I pushed through her blood might have leaked through the condom tip where I discovered the leak and touched penis head?

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  • Oh you poor thing. Your worries are getting on top of you. Get checked .Either way you will know for sure and stop worrying. I feel that you may be feeling guilty, please don't. Sexual intercourse is a natural act that we are programmed to enjoy. Good luck.

  • I don't think anything will happen, finger crossed. You are worrying too much.

  • It's pretty strange that you seem to have taken the condom home with you! They should be used once and then disposed of in a hygienic way!

  • One of my friends died after a year and a half of having those symptoms.

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