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Herpes Stress! I'm pregnant

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I'm pregnant with my 3rd and contracted HSV2 herpes from my husband pre-marriage around 15 years ago. After the initial outbreak, I didn't have another episode for over 10 years! It was dormant and I forgot I had it. Now post children, I get regular & continued outbreaks. All stress related at the moment plus my body and immune system has changed a lot post pregnancy.

I've been taking 2-3 aciclovir tablets daily to help relieve episode, but it doesn't clear up for long. I need to try something else to keep this at bay as a prevention and remedy my outbreak now. My lesions aren't clearing up! It's been going on a few weeks now and keeps coming back. Help! where do I get Lysine? Any tips going forward?

5 Replies
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Bless you. I've been where you're at. It's like a vicious circle. I went on anti virals but they gave me a massive headache. Out of desperation I visited a well established herbalist. I was sceptical to be honest but desperate. He made me up 3 different tinctures and told me to use take them for a month. One was anti-viral, one was herpes specific and the other is anti-bacterial. Like you, I was getting virtually no respite between outbreaks. I changed my diet also to remove certain nuts, reduce dairy, sugar and wheat. I've not had an outbreak for 3 months now and am convinced the herbs have helped. You often get people spamming these threads with herbal cures...... Please don't read it as spam as I'm not selling anything. I can't tell you how relieved I am to feel better. Good luck with your pregnancy.

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Thank you for your reply and experience. I'm always up for trying out different avenues so I'll source a herbalist

Dab bicarbonate of soda. It may sting for a second but usually gets rid of symptoms within a day

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Poor you... it's not nice at the best of times, but to get them continually is adding to your stress. l-Lysine can be bought on the net, just google it. I see someone mentioned nuts. , that's because the majority of nuts are high in l-arginine and low in lysine. Arginine promotes the virus, lysine doesn't... Again, google 'foods high in lysine and low in aginine.. Ideally, your reduce your stress levels...easier said than done. eat well and try to sleep well too. Try to keep off high sugar and processed foods. Ointments containing 5% Lindocaine can help reduced the length of the outbreak. . Lemon balm is also supposed to help??? not sure that it does much. Hope that helps.

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