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STD or aniexty?

So this is my story... some have probably heard something similar over and over 😕

I'm not sure if this is my aniexty or something else.

I have a long term gf which probably makes this worse.

One night after a night out a got together with someone I've known years,we did not have sex just oral sex from her.

Before that there was some quite rough dry humping which did leave me quite sore.

The next night I had quite rough sex with my partner as we hadn't had sex in a while.

This was part without and with a condom.

Afterwards I noticed a very angry looking red rash (friction where I felt the pain from the dry humping) I washed my penis and used a baby wipe also.

The next day my penis started to peel,I used e45 cream then got some clitrizmole cream,I am not sure if I aggravated it using soap or not.

I'm using a fragrance free soap now.

The skin has stopped peeling but now I'm feeling a tingling/burning sensation around me penis,it doesn't hurt just notice it's there.

I have been to the docs and he gave me some mild steroid cream which I've been using for 3 days now.

He says it's nothing to worry about but I still plan to get tested next week,as I've only had this sensation for a week or so.

It doesn't hurt when I pee and there is no discharge at all,just this weird tingling/burning sensation.

Can any symptoms come after only a few days or am I just being paranoid?

Literally a couple of days after.

Any help or advise would be great!


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