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what have i got, vagina, lots of tiny red spots around labia, white/ yellow discharge, no smell

im 17 and I'm new here. Over the past 3 days I have developed a rash like thing on my labia which causes me very mild discomfort randomly in the day, however, when touched it is very itchy and tender. I also have an increased amount of discharge, which doesn't have a smell, and appears white but yellow on toilet paper/ on my pants.

I am sexually active and we do not use condoms, but we are each others first partners and have been having sex for a year with out repercussions. 2 weeks ago I developed thrush, which was confirmed by my school nurse from my descritpions. I used the cream and took the pill and within a week the symptoms had gone, although I think I maintained an increased amount of discharge. I then continued having sex. This sunday/ monday I noticed slowly increasing amounts of discharge and the development of the spots.

What do I have and what can I do?

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Hi there, if you have both not had any other partners, don't worry it shouldn't be an sti but worth going to local sexual health clinic to be sure. It could be a reaction to the cream or some other product you've used. If worried go to your sexual health clinic, they can have a look and hopefully reassure you.


Sometimes the partner can give us the thrush back and forth so might be worth taking him to the clinic too so you both get treated


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