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Re-occurring outbreaks

I hope no one minds me posting here, the doctor doesn't seem to be much help... I found out I had Herpes just over 1 year ago and my god, this past year has been an emotional roller coaster! I'm a 22 year old girl who unknowing contracted the virus. My first breakout was unbearable.. I was in so much pain I couldn't even sit down however it eventually cleared and since then none of my outbreaks have been as severe; that doesn't mean they have been easy though! I have had about 10 outbreaks in total.. I feel like a walking disease. I feel embarrassed, I feel dirty and I'm not sure how I can deal with it.

I know it's more common than not and I've been fed all the facts by the specialist gynochogist but it's so easy for him to fob me off and say the more I worry about it the worse it will get. How can you not worry about something that's hurting you and affecting you on a daily basis?

I've tried exercising, multivitamins, suppressive treatment, ointments & lotions but nothing seems to stop it coming back. Has anyone else had a similar experience?? Thankyou in advance

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I'm the same gutted I am 😭! R u taking the tablets? I get an out breat every 2 weeks an had it for 3 years


Hey! Yes I'm taking Valaciclovir 500mg twice daily! It's so horrible isn't it 😔


Take a low dose of aciclovir every day. Anti viral drug. I have been on them 2 years almost... Best thing I ever did!... The gum clinic sorted it by writing a referral letter to my gp. Get the impression my gp knows far less about this condition than the experts at the clinic. They also told me to take vitamin e daily and have a vit c with zinc dissolvable drink each day. ( the stuff that looks like berocca)


Aciclovir didn't seem to work for me so they have me on Valaciclovir instead which is like it's sister drug, only thing is its a lot more expensive so they have given me only 3 months 😔 I will try the dissolvable vitamins though! Thankyou so much!


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